NECA Members Adhere to Proper LOTO Procedures

From employers to employees we’re all responsible for creating a safe workplace.

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Tampa International Airport- Beck Security

TIA - Beck Security

MJM Electric has been awarded the TPA Security Systems Upgrades Phase 2 – 5 electrical & low voltage scope of work at Tampa International Airport. This work will include upgrades to the video & card access systems.

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Lakeland Larsen Power Plant Retrofit

Lakeland Larsen Power Plant

MJM Electric installed new fiber optic and ethernet cable from DCS’s throughout the plant back to the Main Control Panel. We replaced all the backboards and terminal blocks in four cabinets, traced out all control wiring and re-terminated.

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Monthly Safety Winner – November

Congratulations to the month of November safety award winner, Matthew Woodward.

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MJM Electric Completes Network Upgrade

MJM Electric, Inc. has strengthened our contact with the outside world by making the move to Spectrum Enterprise in December 2019. With dedicated fiber to the hub and a 99% guaranteed uptime, gone are the worries of losing connection.

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MJM Electric Tools Upgrade

MJM Electric values safety in the work place as evident in our tag line; “Safety and quality are our priorities.” We believe that a part of being able to work/operate safely on the job site is to have the proper tool for the job. Over the past few years MJM Electric has been going through a tool renewal process.

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Nicole Hott Added Responsibility

Nicole Hott had been handling the accounts payable for MJM Electric for the past several years was just given additional responsibilities. Some of her additional roles at MJM Electric now include various aspects of the back office processes.

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MJM Electric is wrapping up a yearlong project for Consulate Health Care

MJM Electric is nearing the end of a lengthy project for Consulate Health Care. To date we have been working for approximately the last 18 months with coordination, construction and inspections. MJM Electric has worked in nearly every county/jurisdiction across the state of Florida installing 79 generators at healthcare facilities.

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MJM Electric Holds 2019 Safety Banquet

The 2019 safety banquet was a repeat of an employee favorite- Casino Night. The motto for this years banquet was “Safety First- that’s how we roll.” MJM Electric invited all of the field employees and their spouses to attend this event to celebrate and recognize the safe work performed over this past year. Safety and […]

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Kimmins General Contracting – Plaza Lighting

MJM Electric has partnered with Kimmins General Contracting to provide electrical support for a project located in downtown Tampa. As part of the major renovation to the downtown area SPP (Strategic Property Partners) is responsible for the plaza adjacent to the new USF medical building is being constructed.

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