TECO Projects

TECO Central HVAC Upgrades

MJM will assist the General Contractor in the change out of the HVAC system at TECO Central main building. This will require us to disconnect all VAVs as the AC contractor will be replacing them. Once the new VAVs are in place we will reconnect the units. MJM will also disconnect the roof top units and install new disconnect for the new units. We will install VFD drives in the main electrical room to control the new units on the roof. This project will require us to work with the general contractor and TECO to schedule around people working in the areas where the VAVs will be replaced.

TECO South Hillsborough Driveway

MJM will be installing electrical to (2) gate controllers for the new driveway being installed at the TECO facility located in South Hillsborough County. This will include installing control wiring and Cat 6 cables for the cameras being installed. We will also be required to install a grounding system around the new fence being installed. 4/0 thhn will be used to ground the fence as the fencing will be located under the transmission lines that will cause static electricity on the metal fence.

TECO ECC Fuel Tank Replacement

MJM will be assisting the general contractor in the removal of an underground fuel tank and installing a new above ground fuel tank. We will install electrical conduit and wire for the controls for the new fuel tank. MJM will be grounding the stairs and structure around the tanks.

TECO Gannon Building and Warehouse Renovations

This project is located at the TECO power plant requiring special training for working in a power plant. We will be installing temporary lighting and power for the renovation. MJM will be demoing out the existing power in the building working hand in hand with TECO to make sure critical circuits are not turned off. We will be installing new lighting, outlets and power for the new ac units. This project will also include installing raceways for both data and fire alarm systems.

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