Safety Committee

MJM Electric is committed to a safety first culture that is clearly evidenced in our company tagline, “Safety and Quality are our priorities!” One of the many ways that we ensure that we are not just talking about ‘safety’ as an ideal but rather ‘safety’ as a practice is that years ago we formed a Safety Committee. The safety committee is currently chaired by Matt Woodward. Matt is also the Shop Superintendent and therefore directly involved with all manpower in the field as well as operations between all project managers. In addition to the chairman the committee is made up of 5 additional members. Traditionally the membership is equally divided between office and field employees to ensure proper representation of all parties. The current member are Bobby Bolling and Joy Parshell from the office and Leon Justin, Chuck Minnicks and Brian Lynch from the field.

The safety committee meets on a monthly basis. The meeting typically occurs on the last Thursday of each month. Occasionally due to scheduling conflicts or large ongoing projects the meeting date can be changed but it is a priority to still be held as soon as logistically possible.

During the monthly safety committee meetings Matt Woodward will call the meeting to order and at that time he will then review the meeting minutes as recorded from the previous month. Any discrepancies will be discussed and rectified prior to proceeding to the current month’s agenda.

The safety committee generally follows the same layout each month and they begin by covering two sections from the MJM Electric Safety manual. During this time the committee reviews the sections for accuracy and relevancy but also will take a more in depth look at how the procedures are and should be enforced and followed in the field. Each committee member is encouraged to come to the meeting prepared with their thoughts and concerns regarding the two scheduled sections.

Once this process has been completed the committee then discusses and reviews any recent accidents, near-misses or other safety-related incidents that have occurred since the last meeting. It is the MJM Electric goal that this portion of the meeting is brief due to not having any safety related incidents, however we are always looking at ways we can improve our safety culture and encourage safe work.

This review process is followed by an open table discussion where each member is given the opportunity to discuss any new ideas or concerns that they would like to bring before the group. For example, during the June meeting a new incentive program was proposed and discussed. This new program is still being developed and finalized; however it is the intent of the committee that by the end of August 2022 it will be fully ready for release and implementation. This new incentive program has been a complete collaboration between all of the committee members, and they look forward to its release.

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