Lisa Pink

Office Manager | Years of Service: 38

Lisa is another long time employee of the company (38+ years), working her way through various job descriptions to her current title of office manager. As a result of her tenure with the company Lisa has a great knowledge of the history and progression that has taken place over the years. The title of office manager does not begin to describe all that she does at MJM Electric.

Lisa is known as an extremely approachable and caring ear for all our employees to talk to. She is as much a house mother as she is an office manager.

Her key strengths are:

  • Accounting skills beyond the title of office manager, outside accountants, auditors and insurance companies always comment about how unusually great Lisa’s accounting skills are.
  • Able to keep up with government regulations and compliance
  • Very efficient at multitasking
  • Handles bonding and insurance for MJM Electric projects
  • Extremely caring
  • Builds great trust in our employees (Staff to Field)
  • In addition to all of her other responsibilities Lisa serves as administrative assistant to the owner


Office Phone: 813-248-1711

Lisa Pink
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