Joy Parshell

Accounts Receivable | Years of Service: 16

As a NECA contractor MJM Electric’s payroll has many nuances that are not common to all businesses. When Mark Mazur took ownership of the company MJM Electric needed someone to fill this role. The reporting necessary to keep up with pensions, health insurance, annuities and other various benefits is not a job easily filled by someone already possessing the knowledge. MJM Electric was not in the position to take the required time to train someone.

It was a God-send that Joy became available and MJM Electric found her. Joy had spent the previous 15 years as a NECA chapter office manager. She came to work at MJM Electric and immediately knew the job that had to be done. In a short period of time it became clear that Joy has many other talents and was able to perform several job scopes for MJM Electric.

Her duties now include payroll, accounts receivable, graphic design, assistance to service manager, and many others.

Her key strengths are:

  • Tremendous computer skills specifically in MS Excel and MS Powerpoint
  • Extremely dependable
  • Highly Organized
  • Willing to help the company in any way possible


Office Phone: 813-248-1711

Joy Parshell
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