Mosaic Riverview DAP 5 MICRO Essentials (MES9) Conversion Project

MJM Electric Inc. was contracted by Mosaic to perform the installation of electrical and instrumentation packages to upgrade the Riverview DAP5 plant to produce Micro Essentials (MES9). This would include the installation of:

  1. Welded cable tray/enclosure supports
    • MJM Electric Inc. employs two (2) full-time certified welders for such tasks.
  2. New cable tray system consisting of Stainless Steel and aluminum
    • Over 1,000’ installed
  3. AIA cable tray cable for power, controls and communications
    • Ethernet and Fiber Optic cable
  4. 5KV Medium Voltage CLX cable for motor feeders
    • Five (5) runs totaling 5,000’
  5. Medium Voltage Soft Start installation with Arc Duct modifications
    • MJM Electric Inc. was able to rely on their extensive knowledge and experience in handling and installing large sections of MCC switch gear to accomplish this task with little or no impact to the customer and their facility.
  6. PLC control panels
    • Three (3) total in various locations of the plant
  7. Micros control panels
    • Nine (9) total in various locations of the plant
  8. Instrument control panels
    • Fifty (50) total in various locations of the plant
  9. Instrumentation to include Level, Pressure and Temperature indicators and transmitters
    • MJM Electric Inc. deployed their highly qualified Instrumentation Technicians along with the most state-of-the-art Fluke 754 Process Calibrator to perform installation and commissioning required by the contract.
  10. Heat Trace systems
    • Three (3) separate systems totaling over 5,000′

MJM Electric Inc. was able to perform these tasks using highly qualified field supervision and labor while staying true to their Core Values: Safety, Quality, Integrity, Community & Empowerment.

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