University of South Florida – New 15kv Feeder

USF- Cable Replacement- MJM Electric will furnish and install 3 conductor #4/0 15Kv cable from switch P-0088 to switch P-006 via four manholes. MJM Electric will be required to splice cables in manhole #44. MJM Electric will also install new fault indicators at various tie points and terminate the new 15Kv cables. Another aspect of the project is to replace a 15Kv pad mounted switch and install a new 15Kv cable from new switch between CPR & EDU buildings. Install new racking and supports in manholes 41, 42, & 44. Lastly, MJM Electric will remove and install 3/C #500 MCM 15Kv cable from manhole 67 to 66 and splice the cables.

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