Saputo Filler Room Project

MJM Electric is currently working on a Filler room project at Saputo. This project is currently being conducted with 2 different vendors for installation. The first part of this project required the demo of the existing electrical components to the old conveyor system. Once the new conveyor system was in place we installed new circuits to all the motors on the new conveyor system. Stainless steel conduit was installed from the existing racks in the room to the new motors being installed on the conveyor. We also installed new Cat-6 cables from the control panels to the new equipment. The Cat-6 cables had to be terminated and tested on both ends of the cable. The existing 480 volt feeder for the old conveyor system was reused and we installed new Stainless steel conduit from the existing box above the ceiling to the new conveyor panel.

The second part of this project was getting electrical power to the new filler machine. All conduit and fittings for this project had to be stainless steel or food grade rated materials. A 480 volt feed was installed from the closest MCC room to the new equipment being installed. We also ran Cat-6 cable to the equipment as well as terminating the ends and testing the cables. During check out we also test the rotation of the motors with the vendor to make sure everything was installed properly.

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