MJM Electric Tools Upgrade

MJM Electric values safety in the work place as evident in our tag line; “Safety and quality are our priorities.” We believe that a part of being able to work/operate safely on the job site is to have the proper tool for the job. Over the past few years MJM Electric has been going through a tool renewal process. As part of this process we have replaced all of our older corded tools with the newest top of the line cordless tools. By doing so our electricians in the field always have the best tool for the job available to them and therefore can operate safely and with a deep trust that their tool is in top condition.

Additionally, as a result of this upgrade of tools, MJM Electric had an abundance of corded tools that we no longer send out to job sites. These corded tools were made available to the electricians for a cost of only $10 for them to take home and have for personal use. To sweeten the deal even more for the employees everyone who purchased a corded tool for $10 had their name put in a pot. The winner, Wilner Pintro, took home all of the monies collected from the sale of the tools. Congratulations Wilner! MJM Electric encourages all employees to work safely on the job site and at home.

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