TECO Secure Data Center

The TECO Secure Data Center project came with many challenges that would need to be overcome to be successful. These challenges included an accelerated schedule and having to install a completely new electrical system without interrupting the existing during installation. The new electrical system was comprised of two new 2000Amp electrical services feeding a new paralleling distribution system. The distribution system also included two generators and two new 500kw UPS systems. These UPS systems serve as a redundant back up for the new services.

Before any transfer of loads to the new equipment could be scheduled, one complete system had to be checked, tested and verified. Once the critical loads were transferred to the new equipment, the second of the two redundant systems was to be installed. These challenges were heightened by the fact that the facility could not lose power for any period of time due to the installation of the new equipment. The new equipment consisted of a complete redundant electrical installation, which included, a 2000A service, 500KW UPS system, Generator selection switch gear and generator.

The efficient scheduling of sub-contractors, material and equipment was integral to ensure that the new 2000A services was completely installed and tested properly. MJM Electric was able to complete this project on time, and without any incidents or interruption to the critical loads. Most importantly this project was completed safely.

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