Ray Dykes

Project Manager | ​Years of Service: 31

Ray Dykes is a project manager for MJM Electric. His career in electrical construction spans 30+ years, beginning as an apprentice electrician. Ray has a wonderful personality that allows him to be extremely approachable from both customers and fellow employees. He is well liked, trusted and counted on for his project management capabilities.

The majority of Ray’s project management career has been spent in the phosphate industry. However, he is considered very proficient at all types of industrial work.

Project History

  • Multiple outage and plant turn arounds in the phosphate industry
  • Verizon – Multiple Generator and Switch Gear Installations ($100,000 to $900,000)
  • MacDill AFB relocate overhead utilities to underground utilities ($1,450,000)
  • FMC Switchgear Replacement ($134,000)
  • Ball Container Line 1 & 2 Speed modifications ($(320,000)
  • Cargill Stacker Expansion ($331,000)
  • Busch Gardens Jungala Project ( $1,600,000)
  • Polk Parkway Sunpass Challenge ( $ 455,000)
  • Mosaic – Riverview Sulfur Tank MCC ($60,000)
  • Mosaic – Plant City B&C Sub Replacement ($2,500,000)


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Ray Dykes
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